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Our Recruitment Services:  
The executive recruitment services are well managed by our experienced professional recruitment consultant team. We will head-hunt the best talent at the top management level for clients if that job assignment is difficult to handle or the appointment is unique to match the person for that specific job function.

Our Executive Recruitment Process:  

1. Opened Discussion with Clients to Get Requirements
BB Talents Recruitment Company Limited will have an amicable discussion with our clients to get the detailed information regarding each job vacancy.  We endeavor to understand each client company and try to digest the information with a clear understanding of the company’s culture in order to get the best fit people for them.

2. Search Process
Upon obtaining the necessary information from clients, we would commence searching and hunting the right talent for them. We conduct the first screen calling, followed by face to face discussion with candidates.  Adequate time will be allocated as to fully get to know each candidate and understand individual behavior in order for us to send the best talent to clients. We sincerely believe that the best talent does not mean the cleverest person but it means most suitable one for clients in the sense  that the selected candidate would be able to adapt well to the client ‘s culture and possess solid background knowledge in job description for that client company.

3. Shortlisted Candidates Presented to Clients   
After screening through, coupled with the fruitful personal interview with candidates, we would then be ready to submit list of shortlisted candidates in our assessment report form to client companies.   We can act as a mentor for clients by providing details of each candidate regarding their strength and outstanding skills and knowledge.  In addition, supporting information will accompany why we choose these candidates to present to the client company. 


4. Facilitation for the appointment between candidates and clients. 
We arrange and facilitate the interview between clients and candidates. Alternatively, meetings between candidates and client companies could also be arranged by us.  If client companies require more candidates for comparison purposes, we can assist the client companies to find more candidates for them.  As long as the client companies have trust in us, we will endeavor to identify and match the best talents for them. 

5. Selection and Follow Up Process
Clients will select the best talent as they wish and we will do the follow up by informing the selected candidates on the result and arrange the employment health check-up process if our client companies request for such arrangements. 

We treat our client companies as our partners whereby the client companies can be sure of assistance we would provide in every way possible to match the best talent for you and we will always be there for you to meet your satisfaction.

Our Specializations Cover :

  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Legal
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail

If you are interested to engage us for recruitment services, please contact us through :

Tel        : 02-911-1980
Mobile   : 083 – 298-2454
Email     : management@bbtalents.com   

Thank you for trusting BB Talents Recruitment Company Limited and we sincerely look forward to serving you.